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Community Groups

We need each other. That sums it up really. Here at Hope Community Church, we desire that our partners and guests would have a group of other Christians with whom they can live out their life of faith. The New Testament includes nearly 60 verses with the phrase “One another.” These verses command some of the following: love one another, be devoted to one another, honor one another, live in harmony with others, be accepted by others, be instructed by others, experience hospitality and be hospitable, eat in fellowship with others, serve others, carry others burdens, forgive others, worship with and pray for others, be honest with others, encourage one another and be encouraged by one another, and confess sins to others. Those “one another’s” can be taught during Sunday morning corporate gatherings, but they can ONLY be practiced in relationships with others. Ultimately, we hope that our Community Groups will be groups of 10-15 people who seek to follow Jesus together.

Types of Community Groups 

  •  Starting Point Groups:
    • Starting Point Groups will be for those guests attending HCC who have expressed interested in God and desire to know more about Him, Jesus, the Bible, Church, and their purpose in life. Starting Point will ask participants to attend nine meetings with other interested seekers. During those meetings, participants will be guided through Andy Stanley’s “Starting Point” curriculum. The mission of Starting Point is to lead seekers, starters, and returning guests into growing relationships with Jesus Christ by creating an open and accepting environment where they can explore faith and experience community. Starting Point is the ideal beginning small group for those with questions about faith and those who want to learn more about the Bible and Christianity.
  • E-Groups: 
    • What do the Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, Aimee McPherson, and Billy Graham have in common? They all used the latest technology available to reach and disciple people with the Gospel. Paul used a pen and paper, Luther the printing press, McPherson the radio, and Billy Graham the television. The 21st-century has given us the unimaginable opportunity through social media to impact our world with the gospel, and Hope Community Church intends to use it. E-Groups will consist of private Facebook groups that do all the things community groups do but they do them through an online community. E-Groups will consist of 10-12 people or 5-6 couples that will meet and discuss services, conduct church-campaigns, and pray with and for each other. 
  • Short-Term Groups: 
    • It can be scary when approached to “join” a community group. It may seem like you are going to sign your life away to 8-12 individuals for the rest of your life.  What if they are weird?  Short-Term Groups provide people with an easy way to assimilate into a group for a shorter period of time (six to eight weeks) to explore a single relevant topic (spiritual growth, dating relationships, marriage, parenting, finances). The goal of Short-Term Groups is to connect the disconnected, equip people around felt needs, and engage and leverage our pool of mature and trained leaders in areas that align with their passions.


If you are interested in joining or starting one of the above community groups, please contact Pastor Jeremy Peeler at or call at 704-692-4486. To get connected right away, fill out an interest form here and we will get back to you. Whether you are sending an email or filling out the interest form, please indicate what it is that you’re looking for, i.e. to join a group, lead a group, more information on groups, etc.