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Sunday Mornings - 9:30 am & 11:00 am

1114 S Lafayette St, Shelby, NC



Sunday Mornings - 11:00 am

Burns Middle School

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232 MAIN


Coffee Shop & Community Center

232 E Main St, Lawndale, NC

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Hope Community Church

1114 S Lafayette St

Shelby, NC 28152

(704) 487-7277

Kole Thomas

Student Intern
Ministry Staff
Life Story

I was born and raised in Hendersonville North Carolina and growing up I attended a small baptist church in Brevard until the age of 11. During this time I was never involved with the church and only showed up for Sunday morning service but we eventually stopped going to church once I began to play travel basketball and I was playing tournaments every weekend. In this time of my life I would have identified as a Chrisitan but I never truly understood the message of the gospel. Then in 2014, over the course of a few months, I suffered unexplained kidney failure and severe depression as a 14-year-old in which I nearly lost my life. I would cry out to God hoping he would either save my life or take my life but God had his hand over me and allowed me to live after extensive operations and many weeks in the hospital I returned home, healthy. From this point, I began to truly believe in God but it wasn’t until my senior year of high school when I truly began to follow Jesus and fully give my life to Christ. All throughout high school, I chased after athletic achievement and relationships to find purpose and fulfillment for my life, but never actually finding it. I would have declared I was following God my heart and my actions clearly denied him. I started to attend First Baptist Church of Hendersonville after friends had invited me and this is where my youth pastor and several adults began to show genuine love and fully explained the gospel and showed me what a true relationship with Jesus looks like and after conviction from the Lord and failing to find fulfillment in sports and relationships, I decided to fully commit and give all of my life to Jesus not just part of it. Following graduation from West Henderson High School, I now attend Gardner-Webb University where I began to engage in Young Life and youth ministry when I felt the Lord’s call to pursue full-time ministry and I have intentions of attending seminary after graduation. I desire to leverage my life for the use of God in bringing the gospel to the broken and making disciples.

My Hope for HCC

My hope for Radi8 students is that they would enter into a transforming relationship with a Savior who loves them. My prayer is students would fearlessly live out their lives to make the name of Jesus known and bring the light of Christ to their family, school, and community, living out the great commission.