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About Radi8

RADI8 Student Ministries is the middle school and high school ministry of HCC and we exist to “Know the Light, and Be the light.” RADI8 is focused on maturing young Christians in their faith and helping them grow in their identities in Christ so we can radiate His light to the world.

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Avery Woods

Student Coordinator

Wednesday Nights (6 pm)

Every Wednesday Night, we meet as one group - middle school and high school, Shelby campus & UC campus, in the Radi8 Student Center on the Shelby campus at 6:00.

Each week, we'll get together to hang out, play games, build community, spend time in worship in prayer, hear a message, and spend time together in small groups. Many students go to the Chick-fil-a in Shelby after the meeting is done at 8:00 to spend more time hanging out, eating, and laughing together.

Our vision for these Wednesday night meetings is to help students all around Cleveland County grow in their relationships with the Lord and with each other, and we can't wait for you to join us this week.

If you're interested in coming or volunteering as a leader, please apply now at the button below! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Student Coordinator, Avery Woods.

Radi8 Student Center


Shelby Campus - Enter through breezeway & turn left

1114 S Lafayette St

Shelby, NC 28152

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Growth Groups

Radi8 Student Ministries exists to lead students to know the Light and be the light. We believe God’s plan to reach students all over Cleveland County is through YOU. Every day you come into contact with people who are far from God who need the hope that is only found in Jesus. God has equipped every believer with the gift of the Holy Spirit, who gives us the power to share the gospel and to make disciples. God has also given each one of us a sphere of influence- people we come into contact with every day as we go about our daily lives. At Radi8, we believe God has uniquely positioned YOU to share the gospel and make disciples in your sphere of influence.


Growth Groups is a student-led ministry within Radi8, in which students prayerfully and strategically create and sustain their own multiplying groups. Students will use the “Multiply” curriculum to equip and disciple other believers in their sphere of influence, then send their group members to create and sustain their own Growth Groups.



Fill out this online form or join us for Radi8 on Wednesday Nights at 6:00 at the Shelby campus for more on Growth Groups!

The Cabin
Apr 30, 6:00 PM