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Sunday Mornings - 9:30 am & 11:00 am

1114 S Lafayette St, Shelby, NC



Sunday Mornings - 11:00 am

Burns Middle School

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232 MAIN


Coffee Shop & Community Center

232 E Main St, Lawndale, NC

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Hope Community Church

1114 S Lafayette St

Shelby, NC 28152

(704) 487-7277


Our theme for 2019 is “We over Me.” Over the course of the year, we want to see our partners develop the attitude that Christ had that was described in Philippians 2.


We want to count others better than ourselves, out of humility. We want to develop a heart of unity, not of selfishness, as we seek to bring the gospel to places beyond the walls of the church. We want to be a church of people who looks to the interests of others before our own, in the giving of our time, talents and treasures.


In everything, we want see those far from God find hope in God, and we believe that as our heart for our own selves shrinks, our heart for others will grow.


The “we” is, quite simply, everyone who is not yourself. Your spouse, your community group, your co-workers, those in the African Jungle and those sitting next to you on a Sunday morning.


Our vision is to see everyone who walks through our doors on a Sunday, or sees us around town on a Saturday, be able to see that we consider others better than we consider ourselves. This is the theme by which we will guide all of our ministries for the year - and we hope you’ll join us!

We Over Me. More than just a saying, more than just a slogan, this is the vision for where God is leading us in 2019. We want to live out Philippians 2. Let's show the world that we would dare to live like Christ and care for others before ourselves.

This can be as simple as letting someone pass you in traffic without your blood boiling over.  It could look like turning the TV off to devote time to your spouse or your kids. It could look like stepping up and volunteering on Sundays. It could look like taking that week away from work to go on a Missions Trip.

The beautiful thing about Christ's call to humility is also the most difficult part about it: it can be applied to everything in your life. So, the first step is always prayer. Ask God to show you the areas in your life you need to turn over to Him. Ask him to reveal how your heart for yourself needs to shrink and your heart for others needs to grow.



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