Hope Community Church’s history under that name started in March 2016, but the foundation for it to exist was laid in October of 1908.
It was actually started as a small mission chapel located by the Shelby Mill, and was made up of members from The First Baptist Church of Shelby.
In October 1908, 14 people presented themselves to become charter members of what would come to be known as Second Baptist Church of Shelby in the spring of 1909.
Second Baptist Church continued to grow and moved into the current facility at 1114 South Lafayette Street on April 4th, 1976.
The other half of the history started in January of 2012, when Element Church of Forest City, NC, started a Shelby campus in the auditorium of Shelby Middle School.
Element Church- Shelby Campus met at the middle school until February 2015 when they moved to the Dover Foundation YMCA.
In October 2015 is when the Lord began to move the two bodies of Second Baptist Church and Element Church- Shelby Campus together.
Through what started as a vision of what “could be” and “should be” for these two bodies of believers, became a reality in March 2016.
That is when, Second Baptist Church of Shelby and Element Church- Shelby Campus came together to form Hope Community Church.