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Jeremy Peeler

Jeremy Peeler

Lead Discipleship Pastor
Lead Pastoral Team
Life Story

When I was twelve years old I gave my life to Jesus during an evening service in a little country church in Lincolnton, NC. I can’t remember all about that night but I remember the Holy Spirit burning in my heart, calling me. I walked out of that pew and down the aisle with my heart burning in my chest and tears flowing out of my eyes. All I could say to the preacher was, “I want to follow Jesus.” I was so excited and thought to myself, “Now what?” But afterward I was only told I would be baptized at next week’s service and to bring a change of clothes. Then I continued on with my Sunday school class, RA’s and then Youth Group but nothing seemed to teach me what my new life in Christ meant. It seemed to be more about attending services and making sure I was not doing “wrong”. When I was 14 I felt a call into ministry to be a preacher or something like it anyway. I read my Bible all the time. It’s about the only thing I did read. I noticed early on in my study of the Bible that what I read of the church did not seem to be the same as what I had experienced in the church. After graduating high school I was blessed with an opportunity to go to college. During my years in college I strayed far away from Christ. I believe my straying was due in part to a lack of discipleship. I had not been taught that my purpose in life was to glorify God. I had not been taught how God had given me skills and gifts to be used to bring others to him.

My Hope for HCC

My hope for HOPE is that millions of people will come to faith in Jesus through its ministry AND that all those who come to Christ will be taught what I call the “NOW WHAT’s.” My hope for HOPE is that families and individuals will be equipped to discover their purpose in God’s kingdom and use their lives to bring glory to His son Jesus. My hope for HOPE is that this church will be a relevant force to glorify the name of Jesus in this community and around the world.

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