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CARE Nights

We are FOR you. So, let us introduce to you a ministry designed to care for YOU – CARE Night at Hope Community Church. 


CARE nights are moving from Wednesday to Tuesday. The fall semester will begin on August 23rd and run through November 15th. There will be several groups to choose from that you can sign up for below. Child care is provided but we need to know your need so we can plan appropriately.


Each Tuesday night looks like this:

  • 6:30 - Worship and Encouragement

  • 7:00 - Groups

  • 8:15 - Refreshments

There are three tracks that CARE Night groups will be taking –


  • Ongoing groups start and just keep on going.  You can join these groups anytime.

  • One Semester groups meet for 13 weeks and have a start date and an end date.

  • One Semester, repeatable groups are those designed to be completed in 13 weeks, but participants are invited to repeat the group during subsequent semesters.

CARE Groups