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Couch to 5k

Couch to 5k

Jeremy Peeler
Get up and get running
Class Description

“Couch to 5k”, for males and females between the ages of 40-65. My “Couch to 5k” is designed to get you off of the couch, get you moving, and then get you completing and/or competing in a 5k race. Training will consist of 3 days of activity each week for five weeks. We will get your started slow with some walking and running short distances then gradually build up your stamina and skills until you are completing a 3-mile run. You will do two workouts per week on your own, but we will try to meet each Sunday evening, as a group, to run together. And finally, we will end our training with the group participating in a local 5k race together. So, if you are a male or female between the ages of 40-65 and want to get up and get active again or for the first time in your life this is the workout for you.

Instructor Bio

I am 46 years old and I have been experiencing bouts with gout and arthritis for over a decade. Many of us over 40 begin experiencing lots of physiological changes that impact us, emotionally, physically and yes even spiritually. I have found running to be helpful in all of these areas. Running has become a source of refuge, respite, and revitalization for me in nearly every aspect of my life and I hope the same will be true for you as you pursue the restoration of the image of God in your life through this Imago Dei training.

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