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Phillip & Christina LaFon
Fun Music and Fitness Combined
Class Description

We have two different programs designed to suit all fitness levels, but beginners will feel at home here. 



The aerobic style class incorporates movement using music and drumsticks to make exercise FUN!   You will be able to view the workouts online to follow along at home. 

See Sample Here:

  - - > Equipment needed: Mat, Drumsticks (wooden spoons or wooden dowels will work fine), and Water.  See more info below. 


Option 2: MEN ONLY - FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH & CARDIO (10 - 20 min) 

You will use your own body-weight to build a foundation of strength and work towards better cardiovascular conditioning.  This will be done through a series of simple movements most of you have done before.  You will be able to view the workouts online to follow along at home. 

- - > Equipment needed: Mat, Sweat Towel, Water


DRUMSTICKS AVAILABLE for purchase ($5) @ SHELBY CAMPUS after both services FEB 9 & FEB 16.

To purchase drumsticks from Amazon:  


Wooden Dowels from Lowes (cut this in half to make two at 18" long):

Instructor Bio

We are wellness professionals with a passion to share the good news of the Gospel through health. We believe offering our movement is a "GET-TO" not an obligation. We train because love is heavy. We move in love and for the sake of love. We also share health and wellness through other coaching and health assessments in addition to exercise programs.

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