What is Partnership?

Here at Hope, we exchange the term member for partner. We believe that if you are a member of something you may feel you have rights, but if you are a partner you have responsibilities. To be a partner, we ask you to participate in our partnership class where you will learn of the history, beliefs, and practices of HCC.


What’s Expected of Our Partners?


  1. Be a Baptized Believer - all of our partners must be disciples of Christ who have followed through with the step of obedience of baptism.

  2. Serving - God has gifted you in specific ways to build up the church and bring Him glory. Use your gifts to serve the church and help people far from God find hope in Him.

  3. Giving - God asks us to give our time, our talents, and our treasures to carry the gospel to the world. Partners at Hope must be willing to put others before themselves.

How Do I Become a Partner?

We hold partnership classes throughout the year at each of our campuses that help you learn our story at HCC and how you can make this church a part of your story. The class will give you an opportunity to get to know people here in our community as well as our pastors, and there's even free lunch! Signup using the link below!

Partnership Schedule


All partnership classes begin after the 11a service and a meal is provided for participants. If you have any questions please contact Pastor Jeremy Peeler at 704-692-4486 or at