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Unsocial Media

Screens play a crucial role in our lives today. They have incredible power to enhance our lives, keep in touch with our loved ones, and connect with people in ways that were once impossible. But, as with everything in life, it's more complicated than that.

Even though Jesus walked 2000 years before the first iPhone, the gospel still has a lot to say about the way we use technology. The purpose of this series is not to bash social media or pressure you to abandon technology. Rather, we want to be a church that takes advantage of every opportunity we have to reflect the gospel. Below are several resources for you to be able to redeem the way you use your phone, social media, and technology to help give hope, create community, and be the church in your life.

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The average person checks their phone once every 4.3 minutes, over 80,000 times a year.

The top 20% of smartphone users spend over 4 and a half hours a day on their phone.


10 Questions to Ask Yourself
Unsocial Media Sermons
12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

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