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At HCC, we rely upon volunteers for so much of what goes on at the church, not only Sundays, but each day of the week as well. Every volunteer plays a vital role, from people helping with our kids ministry to our parking team. We've heard time and time again how people have come to see Jesus through the service of volunteers, and we know that you, as many partners, will be able to reach so many more than our core staff ever could.

Further, we believe that as we grow in our faith, God calls us to step up into leadership and service within the church, each according to the gifts that He has given you. So, we want to provide opportunities for our partners to grow in their faith through service each week.

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At Hope Community Church, we believe you're not just a volunteer. We believe everyone serving with us is more than that, they're worship leaders. From the first person they see in the parking lot to the one working in the kids area, you are leading people in worship, whether you're on a stage or not.

The What:

We have lots of opportunities to serve each week to help everyone who joins us have the best experience possible. We also know that each partner of our church has been given different gifts. In that, we want to enable everyone with the opportunity to use their own time & talents as an act of service.

Our Worship Leaders typically serve once or twice a month in their respective areas. Our different areas are organized to most effectively meet the needs of our church. Each area has a dedicated team leader, and our Connections Director, Annie Freeman, helps support and direct our Serve Teams.

Annie Freeman

Connections Director


  • Additional questions?
    Please email your general giving questions or contact us at (704) 487-7277.
  • What is the best way to give electronically?
    We recommend an electronic bank transfer to maximize your gift. Below are the fees that Hope pays for various payment methods. ACH (0.30¢) Debit Card (2.15% + 0.30¢) Credit Card (2.15% + 0.30¢)
  • If I make a contribution to the church, how do I know where my money is going?
    We are focusing all of our generosity – tithes, offerings, and gifts – into one fund. The OneFund approach allows us to use everything that is given to the church for everything that God has called us to do. OneFund donations are used to fund our total operating budget. Any donations given to our outside partnerships are excluded from our operating budget, and these donations are sent directly to our ministry partners. If you have any questions, please contact or call (704) 487-7277.
  • Can I give a cash donation and still get tax-deductible credit?
    Yes, you can. Place your cash in a sealed and clearly marked envelope with your name, address, and contact information.


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